Heating and cooling solutions for your event – Cheshire marquee hire

  • November 14, 2019

Heating and cooling solutions for your event – Cheshire marquee hire

A marquee event needs to be memorable for the right reasons, from the ambience created through lighting and accessories to the hospitality, not that you and your guests were too hot or too cold. Our marquees can be used in all seasons, so taking into consideration the time of year, the size and location of your event we can advise on and supply a range of marquee heating and cooling solutions.

In-Direct Heaters

We use thermostatically controlled in-direct heaters which are stored outside of the marquee. These are powered by gas where the warm air is blown into the marquee via ducting which is discretely located at floor level vents within the marquee. Our marquee heaters are supplied in medium or large units which are serviced regularly and tested before every event to ensure that they are safe and working effectively. Our highly experienced team will advise you on how many units are required to heat your marquee event sufficiently.

From inside the marquee you’ll be able to control the temperature easily via a thermostat. In cold seasons we’d recommend that you switch the heaters on prior to your event, then depending upon the temperature outside and what’s required in the marquee, maybe adjust to a suitable level during the event to avoid overheating.

In our experience, during the summer months there is rarely a need for heating unless there is inclement weather. If you imagine heat generated from large numbers of people within the marquee and sunshine during the day, this is often sufficient. Whether to have heating or not is your choice and something which can be decided nearer the time of your event, subject to availability.

Patio Heaters

For smaller events and parties we can supply Patio Heaters. These are located outside of the marquee and can generate sufficient heat, so that you and your guests can make best use of a relaxing outdoor seating area.

Cooling Solutions

With exception to the amazing summer of 2018 it’s rare that cooling systems are required within the UK. However should you need an air-conditioning cooling solution for your outdoor marquee event we can help.

NEED GAS? DID YOU KNOW? We are registered Flo GAS supplier too. 

Various size cylinders available for your Cheshire marquee event; BBQ; camping or caravanning needs – including Propane, Butane and Patio Gas. Get in touch.


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