Marquee hire – Health and Safety

  • June 1, 2017

What Health and Safety concerns are there with a marquee wedding or event?

Hiring a marquee for a wedding or an event can be a daunting task. With so many suppliers to choose from, and so many things to be considered, including safety, where do you start? Health and Safety is an important part of hiring a marquee and at, we want to ensure our guests have a memorable time for the right reasons.

There are two separate parts of a marquee hire which need to be considered when talking about Health and Safety. These are the erection and removal phases and during the event itself.

This short article is designed to give you an overview of the most important Health and Safety concerns when hiring a marquee. Please ask us about the Health and Safety planning for your event.

Erection and Removal

We take safety seriously. The risk at this time is to the people constructing the marquee, as well as potentially any others who are nearby.

If you are a business hiring a marquee then you have a responsibility under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to provide your employees with a safe place of work.

If you are a private client then this legal responsibility lies with, however everyone has an obligation to keep people safe.

Constructing a marquee can be dangerous if done incorrectly. There is a large amount of heavy metal to move and lift above head height, as well as trip hazards etc.

Selecting a reputable, established company like will mean safe working procedures, risk assessments and insurances will all be in place.

You should be aware who is managing the team on the site, and ask specifically about any health and safety requirements and concerns, if you haven’t already been informed. For example, is there a potential issue with people entering the area during construction or perhaps children and pets in a private garden site?

During the Event

During your event itself, Health and Safety of your guests continues to be important.

There are several areas which could cause problems during your event and you should ensure you are completely happy before ‘accepting’ the marquee. For example:

Flooring: Is it fitted securely? Are there potential trip hazards?
Electrics: Has everything been tested and safety checked?
Lighting: Depending upon time of year, is there adequate lighting outside the marquee to ensure hazards such as guys are avoided?

At, Health & Safety is at the very heart of our business, from our planning processes and construction practices to our equipment maintenance and replacement programme.

We’re happy to discuss all safety aspects associated with your event at any time, and will provide all relevant H&S documentation upon request.

Our safety planning procedures start as soon as you make that initial enquiry!


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