Marquees for Industrial Uses

  • July 1, 2017

Mention marquees to most people and it will most likely summon up a vision of a summer garden party, a wedding reception in the countryside or perhaps the local agricultural show.

However many more marquees are in use every day for industrial and other non-leisure purposes. The important features of modern clearspan frame marquees that make them attractive for leisure use also make them ideal for industrial applications.

These include:

– Can be erected almost anywhere, including on concrete and tarmac, and immediately adjacent to buildings.

– Readily transportable and quickly erected

– Modular construction gives flexible design

– Weather-proof, and can be fully air-conditioned if needed.

The most common use for industrial marquees is to provide temporary extra space for a business, although the exact application will vary depending upon the business sector.

Our marquees are regularly used for:

– Retail – additional sales space for special events e.g. pop-up shops at festivals

– Warehousing, both as additional external storage space, and to enclose an internal area within an existing facility e.g. for temperature control.

– Manufacturing – to provide temporary space to house equipment to meet peak demand or perhaps during factory refurbishment work.

– Public services – from providing temporary staff facilities in remote locations to temporary shelters following an emergency situation.

The list is almost endless.

If you have a requirement for temporary space, either inside or outside of an existing facility, then a marquee could be the best solution. Why not get in touch today?


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